News | 28 June 2022

Questions and Answers With the Team - Rich

Q&A with the Spi-des-ign team.

Rich is the creative director, with over 20 years of experience in the design industry. Before starting his own business, Rich worked for various design agencies designing greetings cards, children’s books and catalogues. However, Rich now enjoys the opportunity to design for a variety of clients which showcases his full creative ability.

Find out some more about Rich below...

How did Spi-des-ign start?

Way back in 2006, I started doing freelance work in the evenings and weekends outside of my full-time job in Cambridge. At the time, Kelly and I were living in Wicken in the countryside, next to a big crop field (HUGE MISTAKE). What comes with a crop field? Crop Spiders, of course, all of the spiders decided that Kelly and I's house was the one for them. 


So from that thought, it was best to give my freelancing business a proper brand rather than just a name. After brainstorming lots of different ideas for web design, I decided that I would use the idea of using my fear of spiders as a play on words with spider (web) and design, turning it into Spi-des-ign. Then use a spider as part of the logo to go with the name as part of the whole brand. 

From there it has grown into the business it is today.

What do you enjoy about Spi-des-ign?

Helping clients explore possible design options and help grow their business online and through print design.

What is your favourite colour?


What do you love about Snowboarding?

Freedom to roam and find fresh snow.

Favourite takeaway? and what would be your go-to order?

Indian - Chicken Ceylon, Pilau Rice, Naan Bread, Poppadoms, Cobra Beer.


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