News | 10 June 2022

Questions and Answers With the Team - Paul

Q&A with the Spi-des-ign team.

Paul develops the websites and does all things digital here at Spi-des-ign. He's worked in the design and publishing industry for over 25 years, starting in print and moving to designing and building websites in the late 1990’s. Find out a little bit more about Paul here...

What are your top 3 favourite online tools/resources to use at work or at home?

  1. Processwire Forums
    Processwire is what we use here at Spi-des-ign on all of our websites. What is it? - 'ProcessWire is like a power tool for your website, able to deliver any output, at any scale, to any number of people, while remaining incredibly fast and flexible.'
  2. Stack Overflow
    A question and answer platform for developers. You can go there to ask/answer any questions about developing.
  3. Spotify
    Whilst working I like to listen to music and Spotify is my go-to music platform.

How long have you worked at Spi-des-ign?

I have worked here for 5 years maybe more...actually I think it has been 6 years? I'm not too sure. 

What music do you like?

All kinds but umm, I don't know, pretty much all kinds of music from Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative, Jazz and lots more. I like Radiohead, normal 'dad rock'. I listen to lots of things, it's hard to say.

Where is the best place that you have travelled to?

Italy. That is my go-to place, especially Tuscany or Umbria. 

Tea or Coffee?

COFFEE - although I drink tea too.

However, if I was stuck on a desert island and could have one or the other to survive on it would definitely be coffee. 

Dogs/Cats? Do you have any?

Dogs, but I don't mind cats. I used to have a cat. 

We have 1 dog. 

If you could meet an historical figure who would it be?


Haha no, umm Shakespeare would be pretty fun, Martin Luther King would also be pretty good. Probably someone like Albert Einstein although I don't think I would be able to keep up with him, he might get pretty bored of me.

I'm going to say, John Lennon. I think he'd be pretty cool to hang out with. I feel as though he would be nice to me at dinner.  


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