Working with The Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority, we designed and developed a logo for the new technology they are developing - Neoma.

Neoma is an enhanced software solution enabling efficiencies in Port Health activities.

We are continuing to work with the team to create and build a full brand and marketing materials.

Keep your eyes peeled as there are loads more to come...

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Spi-des-ign has been exceptional in helping build our brand identity. Their friendly team works closely with us every step of the way, be it over merchandise or website development, and is one we couldn’t do without.

Angus Shaw

Logo Design

Neoma wanted to ensure that its logo was current, had longevity and represented what they wanted to achieve with Neoma. 

We created a logo which represented what Neoma is. We made the logo using negative space between the two interlocking symbols, to create the letter 'N' 

The logo represents the journeys that happening throughout Neoma, the journey of every consignment from end to end, with the centre of the logo representing the aspects of different Port Health activities undertaken.

Take a look at the logo we designed below. 

Logo Design

Holding Page 

We have created Neoma a holding page whilst we work on designing and building their brand new website.

To make the holding page a little more fun, we added some transitions.

Take a look at the video below.


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