News | 20 July 2021

5 Things your Website could be Missing

Is your website not making as many conversions as you would like? Why and what may be missing?

Your website is the front line when it comes to marketing yourself. It is most likely the first place people go to find out information about your brand/business. It tells them where you are, how to get in contact, what products or services you offer, it is also used as an opportunity to see whether or not they choose you or your competition.

First impressions are EVERYTHING!

Here are 5 elements you could be missing from your website that are very important to make that all important conversion/sale:

  1. CALL TO ACTIONS (CTA) - A clear call to action is SO important. You want the readers to do something. This may be; contact for more information, you may want them to sign up to your newsletter, it could be for them to go to another page or even to share something on Facebook. It could be several things, but you want them to do something. Readers will not know what you want unless you tell them. Your CTA can be shown in numerous ways, from a brightly coloured button below the text to a simple statement inside of the body copy.

  2. CONTACT INFORMATION - Your readers in most cases will want to contact you at some point, this may be to ask further questions about a particular service or product, or it may be just to ask where you are located so they can come and visit you. It can be very frustrating and can turn away customers if there is no clear way of contacting you or your business.

  3. QUALITY / RELEVANT CONTENT - You want to be informative without overloading the readers with pointless, long body text. If the content on your website is too long-winded or if it doesn’t get straight to the point then people will leave and go somewhere else. You want to entice them in, not bore them. Top-quality content will make people want to explore your site further.

  4. MOBILE-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Most people nowadays carry a mobile phone on them that in some way connects to the internet. Many people don’t just ;use laptops or computers to access the internet anymore as we can do everything and anything on a smartphone/tablet. If your website is purely for computer users then you could risk losing a large number of readers/visitors to your site. Not only will you run the risk of losing site visitors you also risk losing your place on Google search rankings. Google has recently changed their algorithm where they have stopped ranking non-mobile-friendly websites in Google search for mobile users.
  5. A CLEAN SIMPLE LAYOUT - If your website is cluttered and confusing then it will lose visitors. Your website needs to be visually attractive to bring in readers. People do not want to be inundated with adverts popping up left, right and centre, or with flashing lights/text. People want to be able to easily navigate their way through a site, find the relevant information then leave. Visitors scan pages, they don’t read in-depth. The average attention span of an internet user is around 8 seconds, if your website is too cluttered and unorganised and takes a long time to find the information then people will leave.

We have created a checklist to help you identify which areas need improving or what could be missing from your website. After using the checklist and finding out what you can improve on or are missing, call our team on 01359 518060 or send us an email to and we will be happy to help.

Click here to open the checklist.


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