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Questions and Answers With the Team - Sam

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Q&A with the Spi-des-ign team.

Here's a little bit about myself - I started work here at Spi-des-ign in March 2021, before getting my job here I went to uni for 3 years, where I studied Graphic Design. I finished in May 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic (which was sooo annoying) but I graduated (virtually) from there with a degree with Hons so I can't complain too much. I have type 1 diabetes and dodgy knees. I won't say too much more as the questions will tell you a bit more about me...

What are your top 3 favourite online tools/resources to use at work or at home?

  1. Lightroom App
    I LOVE LIGHTROOM, I edit all of my photos using Lightroom on my phone. If you don't have Adobe Creative Cloud don't worry, you can still use it!!! Lightroom is a free photo editing app that allows you to do so much with your images, you can adjust the light, add details like a grain, change the colours, distort the photo and much more. I use this A LOT, especially for my Instagram photos, it is great for on the go editing and saves you from getting out your laptop.
    Awwwards is a website that has all the best website designs and all the latest web design trends. I love this website so much as it has so much on it, this is a great site to get inspiration off. I will often have a browse through to see what is new in the world of website design.
  3. Google Fonts
    Google Fonts is great as it provides a list of fonts that are free to use. It is also a GREAT tool as the fonts are easy to implement on your website. I can use a font off Google Fonts and know that the developer will be able to use them. Another good thing about Google Fonts is that the fonts you download do not just have to be used for websites, they can also be downloaded to use in print.

How did you get into the job you're in today?

Before Year 11 at school, I had no idea what Graphic Design was, it wasn't until I was in a Geography class helping my teacher do something on Microsoft Word that he said to me "have you ever considered doing Graphics? I think you would be really good at it!" I had no idea what that was, he did explain it to me and I kind of gave it a miss. When it came to choosing options to do at sixth form I chose Photography, Geography, Psychology and FOOD TECH! Why? I do not know, I can't even cook! I spoke to a few people about food and they said it wasn't the best course to do. I then remembered what Mr Brown said to me about Graphics, so I thought why not, I shall change Food Tech to Graphic Design (what a difference). After sixth form, I stayed to complete an Art Foundation Diploma, once I had completed that I then went on to University where I graduated with a Graphic Design (Hons) degree.

After graduating (through a pandemic) I had a couple of months doing absolutely NOTHING! Then when August 2020 came I started looking for jobs, it probably wasn't the best thing to do during a worldwide pandemic. Roll on 8 months in March 2021, I came across Spi-des-ign, I quickly emailed them to see if they had any positions or if they offered any Internships and they replied within the next day, the next week, I had a Zoom call, the week after I started work here. 
So without doing GCSE Geography and having Mr Brown as my teacher, I wouldn't be doing Graphic Design today, I would probably be the next Gordon Ramsey...

What did you want to be when you grew up? and how is that relevant to your job today?

When I was younger I really really really wanted to be a Pathologist/Forensic Scientist and no it wasn't because of the amazing TV series Silent Witness... OK, maybe it was. As you can see, that is in no way relevant to what I am doing now, it was quite a strange dream job for a child/teenager, in fact, it was a VERY strange dream job. Anyway, I would still love to do that job however, I have now found and am in my new dream career, being a Graphic Designer. 

The big 3! (What 3 big goals do you have/what do you want to achieve?)

  1. I would LOVE to be able to get my own house, that is the dream at the moment, to be able to afford to buy my own house. Hopefully, within the next few years, I can make that goal/dream come true.
  2. After my goal of getting my own house, the next big goal would be to have kids. I would love to have kids, that is definitely another BIG goal.
  3. One day I would love to go to Bali/go travelling, It is a big dream of mine to go. When I was at uni in my final year, I was even thinking about moving out there for a few months/years. Fingers crossed that I will be in Bali one day.

The most amazing trip you have ever taken?

I think my most amazing trip to date was to New York. I went to New York in April 2019 on a graphic design trip with my University, we went for 5 days and I had the most incredible time, especially because I got to experience it with some of my closest mates. We tried to do all of NYC in the time we were there but it was hard, however, we did get loads done. We went up the Empire State, rode in a yellow cab and of course tried EVERY food under the sun!!! I think I would like to go again if I do it will be around Christmas time, so I can see all the lights and decorations.

Who is someone you look up to? and why?

Someone I look up to is my mum. My mum has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was in her teens, she has gotten worse and worse over the years, had multiple operations (including two new knees) and has to take lots of medication daily, but she's the strongest person I know. She never makes a fuss or complains that she is in pain, she always tries to do things independently although, it is extremely hard for her to do. She is INCREDIBLE!

A fun fact I bet you didn't know

I feel as though I haven't got a FUN fact about me, here's one fact about me that is quite interesting though, I have met and used to serve Damian Lewis and his wife Helen McCrory when I worked at Waitrose. They used to come shopping in the Waitrose I worked in, at first I was a bit flustered as not only one but TWO huge actors/actresses were at my checkout, talking to me, after that it was like serving two ordinary customers. They were both so lovely and so nice to talk to.

P.S - Also I am a huge Ipswich fan - Up the Tractor Boyyys. ????


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