News | 18 August 2021

How often should I redesign my website?

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Every two to three years you should do a full website redesign to keep up to date with the latest website and technology trends.

Websites nowadays should and need to be mobile-friendly, If it isn't then maybe it is time for a redesign. In the first quarter of 2021 54.8% of global website traffic was generated by mobile devices, this number has hovered above 50% since the beginning of 2017. As you can see over half of the website traffic was on mobiles, if your website is not mobile-friendly then you are more than likely losing a lot of traffic going to your website.

If your website looks outdated it will leave an uncertain impression on the user, it also doesn't represent your business in the best way. Your website is usually a potential customer's first impression and therefore it should reflect who you are. If you were to visit two websites that offered the same thing, one was outdated and links broken the other is clean, fresh and easy to navigate which would you go for? The chances are you would go for the most up-to-date-looking one.

Reasons why you might need to redesign your website.

  • Has your brand changed? If you have redesigned your brand, redesign your site. Don’t wait, do it as quickly as you possibly can.
  • Have your goals changed?
  • Have you updated your content?
  • Does your site still work?
  • Is your site modern enough?
  • Has technology changed?

Are you not getting as many enquiries? Have you checked out your competitor's websites? Are you taking notes on what their site looks like compared to yours? These are all things to consider when your website isn’t getting you as many hits/conversions or if you’re falling behind the competition.

Is your website tailored to the right audience? Does your website target the right people? If your target market is a younger generation and your website is not user-friendly then that is a huge reason why you’re not getting the conversions. You should be offering your goods/services in a visually pleasing way on both mobile and desktop. For a younger audience focus more on mobile, for the older user focus more on desktop. But remember USE BOTH.

Are you listening to feedback? If you don’t think your website is useful or is targeting the right audience, ask them. Ask your customers what they think about the website, what they like and what they dislike, this will also help you decide whether you need to update/redesign your website.

The average time to think about redesigning your website is every two to three years. Even if it's not a full website redesign then you should at least update it.

We have created a checklist to help you identify areas which need improving on your website. After using the checklist and identifying areas you need to improve, give our team a call on 01359 518060 or send us an email at and we will be happy to help.

Click here to open the checklist.


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