News | 17 January 2022

Give your marketing a little boost for 2022

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Are you looking for some inspiration for marketing your business? 

Well, you have come to the right place. We have 5 great tips to start you off this new year!

1. Valuable Feedback

Feedback is so important for your business. Ask your clients to write feedback about their experience with you on Google and/or Facebook or get them to send you a review to add to your website, this is a great way to get your potential clients to see other peoples thoughts and their experiences with you. Another great way to promote your customer feedback is to add them to social media; create an Instagram/Facebook post that includes a review or two.

2. Get personal with customers

Show your appreciation and make your customer's day with a printed personalised gift.
A small personalised gift can make someone's day, so why not head over to our print website to have a look at all the different ways you can show your appreciation this new year, via printed gifts. 

3. Run a competition or giveaway

A brilliant way to engage audiences on social media or email marketing, to drive traffic to your website is to run a competition or giveaway. This could be done monthly or just once a year. When thinking about the reward, it needs to catch your audience's attention and make them want to enter. Think about what they would want/like.

Remember EVERYONE loves a freebie. 

Here is a great website about running a successful social media giveaway. Go check it out for more in depth tips and tricks to help you run a intriguing giveaway for all your clients. 

4. Shout out a new offer, product or service

Who doesn't love a bargain?

Make sure to shout about new products and services you offer. Shout it from the rooftops with signs, posters, leaflets etc. You can even shout out/promote old stock or products that haven't had much attention to release stock. 

We can help you create a promotion! Get in touch with us today to see what we can offer.

5. Launch a new product or service

If you've got it, flaunt it. 

Shout out a new offer, product or service, get those potential clients interested. Why not create a cheeky little sale on that new product/service/offer to gather interest. Getting this right is extremely important. You need good design and good product photography.

We can help you get those interests by designing posters, signs, leaflets etc. and we also offer a photography service, so we can help you get those perfect shots of your new product. Get in touch and we will help you along with your marketing boost. 


Remember you don't have to do this alone, WE CAN HELP. 


We offer Print & Design services for ALL your marketing needs. Contact us today by emailing or by giving us a call on 01359 518060 to find out how we can help you market your business.


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